The Ilona Med GmbH rules for sales ,relating to sales (operating) rules

(A consolidated text forced from: 14 May 2018 )


Introductory Provisions

  1. This rule records the way of sales of the products of Ilona Med GmbH.(7022 Schattendorf, Hauptstraße 157) and the certain conditions of sale.The scope of the regulations is valid for the Ilona Med GmbH, in addition to the 18. years old natural persons, or loaded with legal personality, or unincorporated companies, or other entities who(which) as buying and the recommendation was signed by the participant registration request and registration after confirmation of Ilona Med GmbH registered sponsor(contracting partner).
  2. Concept definitions:

Registered consumer “means any person who purchases a registered referral network products, however, failed to build a referral network.

Registered suggestion: any natural person or legal entity, or an unincorporated company, or other entity who or which is the selling system sign up Ilona Med GmbH.

Regular registered referral activity: A systematic referral activity too, and in addition to the recommendation and the closely related documents about the products, carry out activities to expand the circle of professional activity on the network assistance, sponsorship activities.

Team premium (passive income) shall be entitled to a registered referral: The registered notional, who meet the necessary conditions. At least one new spot during the testimonial.

Central Events: Ilona Med GmbH, organized by monthly meeting, to be held in training-lecture series.

Product: The product marketed by Ilona Med GmbH, products.


Operating rules

  1. At the time of the registration of the customer and the person requesting registration, online registration, and by signing of the registration request acknowledged and agreed with the operating rules ,the general terms and conditions, privacy statement and code of ethics . The beginning of the contract validity is the adoption of the registration application by Ilona Med GmbH. The end of the date when the registration and thus the recommendation for attorney-client agreement (contributor)
    cease to exist.
  2. During the registration process the registration of the person seeking a choice, we have previously under the registered recommender will join him on the product, the possibility introduced. If the person requesting the registration directly under the register, Ilona Med GmbH in that case, the company will provide an opportunity for Him/Her to add a region of nearby, the product has already been joined, and the system, well-versed in the work actively participating in the review under the registered átregisztráljon who can support her the work could help Him/Her.. The Moksa Drops natural person registered in a system, or personality, or unincorporated company, or other organisations committed to Moksa Drops marketing. This activity provides entitlement to commission opportunity.
  3. Ilona Med GmbH reserves the right to change the sales system published in advance in commissions-terms and conditions-change.
  4. Ilona Med GmbH. sales for the registered system of review, the marketing and commissionssystem called team commission (passive income)
    possibility of formation.

Ilona Med GmbH team commission (passive income) to obtains referral required regular registered activities as follows, or register:

  • The activity required for each month in the main spot, 1 new registered person.
  • Your referral network registered “after-care”.
  1. The registration (the recommendation) shall cease when:
  1. the reason the registered recommender) may at any time ask for your registration and thus the mandate termination,
  2. Ilona Med GmbH. registered testimonial that is deleted from the register and- at the same the given referral orders to withdraw,- because he/she is in breach of the recommendation specifications: exceeds the scope of the mandate, of the products (products) based on incorrect information, the status of the product (product), about the effectiveness of misleading information, or attempt to, or in general conduct, a declaration that in the opinion of the executive of Ilona Med GmbH the contents and the spirit of these rules. Including, but not only
  • If a registered referral in breach of the code of conduct, compliance with Ilona Med GmbH,
  • If a registered referral activity unfairly, or Ilona Med GmbH the legitimate interests of buyers, or manner, or business integrity analysis of the conflicting manner,
  • If the registered recommender false fact, with rumour, fake or real fact an indication of the colour, the conduct of the other, or Ilona Med GmbH. It has a product, or a registered review
    creditworthiness, reputation, or,
  • If the registered review trade secret unfairly obtains, uses or without authority shall be communicated to someone else.
  • If the registered recommender Ilona Med GmbH or its decisions, management public criticism or bad colors.

c.) The registered sponsor from Moksa Drops do not use in the system present data – , including in particular personal data, names, addresses, street address, telephone contact details and email addresses-Moksa Drops, Ilona Med activity outside the scope of any unauthorized activity-without the written consent of Ilona Med GmbH.

d.) The registered recommender Ilona Med GmbH (in cooperation with within three years following the termination of) information they obtain, whether they are floraltherapy product manufacturing and distribution activities, and homeopathic medicine-related activities are used. These activities the performance of Ilona Med GmbH. written consent is required.

Ilona Med GmbH shall inform the registration suitors and the suppliers already registered on the registration of Ilona Med GmbH is also entitled to in the event of immediate effect remove, if present, as referred to in the Declaration position Ilona Med GmbH According to the company, which is incompatible with the spirit of the opposite behaviour “private entities” registered review attests, private, or community opinion portals, or Ilona Med GmbH, or contracted partners hosted sites does this behaviour.

  1. Ilona Med GmbH. reserves the right to change any of the trading partner (registered sponsor, enterprise or consumer) to suspend, pause, or eliminate, together with the termination of the registration on the part of the partner abuse is suspected the Moksa Drops, to marketing tools, Moksa Drops, Ilona Med system, or the referral network commissionssyste.
  2. In the event of termination of the registration of all true to the Ilona Med GmbH as at the date of termination of registration as partner to the apportionment.
  3. In the case of the revocation of the registration of all accounts by the lost/left/excluded/deleted from the register of the person issued by Ilona Med GmbH account to which he is not. The submission and request is possible since the 10th of the month following relegation, if it is not, in the case commission eligibility you will lose.
  4. Ilona Med GmbH reserves the right to change the contents of this policy and so the contents of a registered sponsor order unilaterally. Undertake, however, to the up-to-date and uniform
    consolidated text rules on the company website.
  5. Ilona Med GmbH undertakes to suppliers registered newsletter inform the current information, opportunities, draw attention to the articles of Association change. The registered recommender must know and accept the changes. If you do not accept the changes, the force , and the rules in writing within 15 days of the date of this publication to indicate towards the Ilona Med GmbH and at the same time may request that her registered, sales from the Ilona Med GmbH.
  6. The unilateral changes and Ilona Med GmbH in connection with the decisions made by the registered there is no remedy for any person.
  7. As a registered referral you undertake that your personal data (company) changes shall be communicated by the Ilona Med GmbH. The information lost profits or data arising out of the liability for inaccurate, the the person registered. Ilona Med GmbH undertakes to provide the information about the registered recommender the confidentiality of the data protection regulations. The registered Recommender notes, however, that the data from Ilona Med GmbH can be only in sales and marketing mandate concerned roundused.
  8. The right arising from the registered status of the referrer may not be transferred . The registration does not inherited or succession cannot be obtained. In the case of the death of the registered recommender heir of a deceased person, in possession of a final inheritage deliverer order may declare that to the registration you want to renew. The heir of a deceased registered review, the inheritage deliverer order to analyse once within 15 days of the request, that the deceased’s date of death as a registered referring player must commission account in the event of failure to comply this time out, the heir of the commissions ,lose the commission shall not be required.The commission shall be paid if the during the period of occurrence of the deceased’s regular registered referral commission there is activity. Legal entities or unincorporated company or organization for the registration in the legal succession case continue on, if the final court decision on legal succession will be presented to the Ilona Med GmbH and the ownership structure of the successor organization remains unchanged. If the successor entity ownership structure changes, the It is necessary to register again as the successor organization to the owners.The succession due by the date of occurrence of the commission to issue an invoice establishing the succession under order within 15 days after declaring, This time, the successor to the commissions you lose your commission shall not be required. The commission shall be paid if the predecessor registered during the regular occurrence of recommending the commission registered referral activity has been done. If your organization is terminated without a successor, the successor without 2 revocation decision is possible in the resulting commissions paid after that entitlement to the fee, the commission does not may be require.
  9. The commission payment-unless otherwise agreed-on a monthly basis due to this there are two ways:

The need for the allocation of a registered offering in the current month to 10. The commissions eligible for transfer of registered review – account of the Ilona Med GmbH the amount due. The Bill is also recognised by Ilona Med GmbH and accepted amount + VAT (the effective rate in%). Ilona Med GmbH payment the allocation of the obligation, within 15 days of receipt of the request by transfer to put to comply with.

  1. Ilona Med GmbH, as well as the following trade marks belonging to the product links for promotion and advertising
  • Advertising and marketing purposes only provided by Ilona Med GmbH advertising materials may be used.
  • The Moksa Drops, Ilona Med branding and logo members may not be used without a written license from Ilona Med GmbH. If someone has permission to get the branding and logos it has to be used in accordance with Ilona Med GmbH prescription.
  • Every Moksa Drops, Ilona Med print, publication, video, photo capture, graphics, product photos are copyrighted, Ilona Med GmbH cannot be copied without prior permission in writing, even in the a variety of. The Moksa Drops, Ilona Med websites (facebook look) complete contents, such as text, graphics, photos, graphics look also under copyright protection, and the company’s prior written may not be used for commercial purposes without permission, may not be copied, even the a variety of
  • Moksa Drops, and Ilona Med logo
  •, (Ilona Med GmbH)
  • slogans
  1. In principle, the Ilona Med GmbH manages the registered review properly timely, fair, and the partnership with them. and requests that where the interpretation of any question or problem, it is a short road partners.
  2. Arises from the registrations nature of the Ilona Med GmbH and as a registered referral (partners) of the civil code, the legal relationship between mandate subject to the provisions.
  3. Food supplements are not drugs, they do not have objectives, not suitable for the treatment of diseases not. The dietary supplements foods, so the inclusion of the label (label, labels, packaging any logo, graphic, etc.) and formulated general foodstuffs their asvertising requirements shall apply. Accordingly, the products, and your ad may not claim or imply that the dietary supplements diseases preventing, treating, or such property. Ilona Med GmbH as a distributor cannot be held responsible for the legal and economic responsibility for the product distributor companies, individuals, állításaiért, displayed anywhere product experience, for an opinion.

Please read the descriptions of the distributors and campaigns, take this taking into account!

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